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Ringo Flamingo Toy

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Meri Meri beautiful knitted toy range. Ringo the flamingo will charm little ones with his adorable stitched features, dangling legs and fantastic feathers. He's made of knitted organic cotton and is the perfect companion for any child who loves the wild. He comes with a little booklet full of delightful details about his personality, motto and best friend. A special gift. Large Knitted organic cotton Stitched features & dangly legs Gold yarn detail Booket of Ringo facts Size: 350mm x 750mm x 100mm (approx) A large and flamboyant flamingo soft toy in glorious shades of pink with beautiful feather details and knotted string legs and feet. The toy is crafted in knitted fabric with embroidered details. Knitted organic cotton. Dangly legs with neon & gold yarn detail. Approx. size: 350 x 750 x 100mm