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Jake Snake Toy

Meri Meri Jake the Snake Knitted Toy | The Original Party Bag Company

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Meri Meri Jake the Snake Organic Soft Toy

Not all snakes are slippery! This one is made from knitted fabric for a cuddly, cosy feel, perfect for a child's room.
Approx 130cm long
Pack contains 1 knitted snake.

Jake the snake is made from knitted organic cotton and has adorable stitched features, a long cuddly body and a cheeky red tongue. He's the perfect companion for a little one who loves the wild. He comes with a booklet full of delightful details about his personality, motto and best friend. A special gift.

Knitted organic cotton
Stitched features
Red tongue detail
Booklet of Jake facts
Size: 120mm x 1350mm x 100mm (approx)